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Over 10 years of solid online marketing and Search Engine optimisation experience!

We see SEO, or search engine optimisation, as a component of online marketing in general, so perhaps it's worth revisiting the offical definition of marketing, as seen by the Chartered Institute of Marketing: "The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably". That still applies as much to the web as any other sales channel, but poor products still won't sell, or if they do, not for very long. Similarly, good products will only sell if people know how to find and buy them, and this is where the web comes into its own of course, and search engines form a vital component in the modern marketing mix. This leads us on to the classic marketing 4 "P's" - Product; Price; Place and Promotion, the four things that need to be spot on for a successful business venture. The web can affect all four, but "place" means a good ranking in search engines.

Google logo Everybody wants to be number one in Google! But that can't happen for everybody, so what are we going to do? Well, it begs the question, number one for what? ...and it's surprising how often people don't know the answer! Understanding what people are searching for on the web is normally the starting point for your online marketing activities and there are a number of ways to do this. You either take a "gut feel" approach, based upon your own knowledge of the business you are in, use one of the many online "keyword suggestion tools" available or by calling in a specialist. Search symbol
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The problem with relying on your own knowledge of your sector is that you may be tempted to suggest the "proper" name for a product or service rather than the one typically used in the public domain. For example, a "bookie" or betting shop might prefer to be called "sporting investments", a second hand car dealer might prefer the term "pre-owned", but this is all vanity! What matters is ensuring your website is worded to reflect the terms that are in popular use.
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So when you have established what people are searching for what happens next? We need to ensure that the messages in your website are clear and succinct, sending a clear message to Google what your pages are about. how would you feel if you walked into a shop that sold unrelated products, for example a pet shop that sold fashion clothing? You would probably feel rather confused and walk out, Google does the same. When trying to decide how high to rank your website, inevitably you will be competing against many other businesses and it's going to put those with the clearest message at the top. so should you divide up your website into separate, product focussed websites? Possibly, it's a discussion we have many times and it is one of the many topics we cover with our clients, often in considerable detail.
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These are just some of the issues we discuss, others include domain name considerations and diverting, writing quality copy, meta data issues, the importance of links and many more. Equally, we will discuss with you the issues that will actually harm your rankings. At the end of the day, there is no substitute for quality content, intelligently organised.

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