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Interactive CD-Rom

Emphasys first delved into multimedia around 1993 and in those days the smallest amount of movement accompanied by a basic sound was all anyone expected! These days of course multimedia is a widely used marketing tool, especially now almost everyone has access to a computer with a CD drive. Add to this the low cost of producing and distributing CD's as opposed to the cost of a conventional brochure and you have an ideal medium for your message. We use Macromedia DIRECTOR for CD development, together with a variety of related packages for image preparation, Vector graphics, 3D, sound and music editing. Multimedia is not just about flashy graphics and sounds though, it is an ideal medium for showing how complex processes or machinery works, multimedia reinforces the marketing message, explains things more clearly, educates.

Here's a few examples we have produced over the years:

Astec CD-rom
Chemex CD Rom
Haldex CD Rom
Yangtze River Bridge CD Rom
Astec Eurpoe
Chemex International
Yangtze River Bridge
Serto CD Rom
Motorola CD Rom
Forte Hotel Group CD Rom
Matroc CD Rom
Serto UK
Forte Hotels
Morgan Matroc
Charles Hanmer CD Rom
Exchem CD Rom
Richmond Motors CD Rom
Force Ten Bikes CD Rom
Dudley Chamber
Richmond Group
Force Ten bikes

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