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Corporate Presentations

For over 10 years, Emphasys have advised companies on presentation content and techniques, as well as providing the materials to make it a success. In the early days we produced computer generated 35mm slides using very expensive hardware such as an Agfa PCR Film Recorder and colour overheads for major conferences, sales presentations and seminars using a Tektronix Phaser Thermal wax printer, plus inkjets and lasers where appropriate. Nowadays the majority of presentations are electronic. Data projectors and large screens have transformed the digital presentation and of course most companies can now produce their own electronic presentations quite easily using packages such as Microsoft Powerpoint.

Boardroom But we've all heard the term "death by Powerpoint"! and there is no doubt that many presentations can be dreadfully boring if not put together thoughtfully. There are a number of presentation "rules" that should always be born in mind. Avoid reading masses of text directly from the slide, go for short simple bullet points instead and talk through them in a natural, relaxed style. Each slide should make one clear point, avoid the temptation to say too much on each slide. Keep it short, simple and slick and you won't bore your audience
Emphasys Digital Media does get asked to produce high end Powerpoint presentations for companies, but for a more dramatic or interactive presentation we use Macromedia Director software, the industry standard for professional CD production for many years. Click here for examples of our work. Many clients call us in because they want an external perspective to ensure the content of their presentation is correct for the audience. Sometimes you can be too close to your subject. So whether you want advice on content or top quality visuals to support your presentation please contact Emphasys Digital Media Meeting

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